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Pearse attends the Haverford School in Haverford PA.


12th Grade – 1st Quarter Grades

  • Latin V Honors – A
  • Finance: Theory of Interest – A+
  • Statistics – A+
  • English IV – A
  • European Dictators – A
  • Environmental Ethics – A
  • Glee Club – A+

11th Grade – Final Grades

  • Latin IV Honors – A
  • Calculus – A+
  • English III – A
  • History Honors – A-
  • Biology Honors – A-
  • Theatre III Honors – Spring/Summer Elective
  • Glee Club – A

10th Grade – Final Grades

  • Latin III Honors – A-
  • Pre-Calculus – A
  • English II – A+
  • Modern World History – A+
  • Chemistry Honors – A-
  • Theatre II – A+
  • Glee Club – A+
  • PE/Health A+

9th Grade – Final Grades

  • Latin II Honors – A
  • Algebra II Honors – A-
  • English I – A
  • Ancient World History – A+
  • Physics – A Problem Based Journey – A
  • Theatre I – A+
  • Glee Club – A+

8th Grade

Pearse maintained a 4.0 GPA for the following courses in 8th grade.

  • Art – A
  • Drama – A
  • English – A+
  • Geometry – A
  • History – A+
  • Latin – A+
  • Music – A+
  • Phys Ed – A+
  • Science – A+

Recent recipient of the Haverford School Spirit Award.

Michael J. Cunningham Award

Michael J Cunningham AwardPearse Glavin received the Michael J. Cunningham Award, named in memory of Haverford School Dean of Faculty, longtime teacher, coach, and former Middle School Head who died in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. The award is presented annually to that member of the Middle School who excels in his ability to meet scholastic and athletic challenges and whose bearing combines both self-respect and sensitivity to the feelings and ideas of his fellow students.

Teacher Quotes

Here is what some of Pearse’s teachers had to say about his work in the classroom.

“Pearse is always prepared and gives a great effort in class. He improved on all four assessments. Great job Pearse! He is above Presidential award standards on all four tests. That is an awesome accomplishment and I am very proud of Pearse.”

Chemistry:  “He quietly goes about the business of excellence and maintains his role as consummate leader by example.”

English:  “I do not know what I did in my past life, but I most have done something right to deserve Pearse as my student.  Despite eclipsing his peers in work ethic, he maintains and eagerness to learn and humility that shows great character.”

Latin:  “He prepares for class as though mounting an assault on Mt. Everest: leave nothing to chance; do it all…. His positive attitude and prodigious work ethic are to be emulated by one and all.”

Theater:  “His attitude is always professional and kind and his work in the classroom is consistently strong.  This makes him an excellent collaborator and one that other students want to work with.”

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