Pearse D. Glavin
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               "Anthony" Sweeney Todd             |                 Attack

Class of 2020
The Haverford School
302-598-9336 (c)
610-325-3690 (h)

Summer Schedule

June 8th & 9th – Baltimore Summer Kickoff with Rising Sons
June 12th – Jersey Strong Showcase with the Haverford School
June 15th & 16th – North American Lacrosse Classic with Rising Sons
July 8th to 10th – Naptown with Rising Sons
July 12th to 14th – NHSLS with the Haverford School

View Pearse's Lacrosse 2019 Spring Highlights
View Pearse's Lacrosse 2018 Spring Highlights
View Pearse's Lacrosse 2017 Summer Highlights
View Pearse's Performance in the 2018 Spring Musical - West Side Story -https://vimeo.com/266988982

Academics, Athletics
Physical Education
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Williams College Lacrosse Committed

Pearse has official records of the following tests:
Tests Tri 1 Tri 2 Nat. Standard Presidential Award
Push-ups 40 43 24 40
Pull-ups 20 24 5 10
Sit-ups 51 60 45 56
1 Mile Run 6.25 5.42 7.44 6.26
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Pearse Abroad in 360 Degrees
July 10, 2016 0
Nine months, 7 Continents, 67 planes, myself, my cousin and my mom. To put it bluntly, we traveled the World. To make it sound as good as it was, we captured the essence of each culture in the 25 countries we visited. We met dozens of people in a Korean-English mass in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, and enjoyed the views of the kids running around atop, "Oscar's Hill" at Amigos de Jesús in Honduras. Thanks to my mom's magnificent planning skills, my cousin and I were able to experience things we could only read about in Pennsylvania. We explored the continent and peninsula of Antarctica, the beautiful views of New Zealand, the ruins of Luxor, the grasslands of Kenya and Tanzania, and many cities. Though it was incredible being a tourist during most of the trip, the truly eye opening experiences came from working with underprivileged kids in both Costa Rica and Honduras. In Costa Rica we spent five hours, five days a week, playing with, and watching over kids in the most financially deprived area of San Jose. They were wonderful kids, and although their home life was not as healthy as most, they still came into the daycare with a smile on their face. This was similar to Amigos de Jesus, a children's home in Honduras, with the exception that the Honduran kids live on the property that includes dorms, a soccer field, a farm, and a mess hall. Because of the coup in 2009 the economy spiraled out of control, and many parents could not care for their children, so they simply didn’t and left them on the sides of streets. That is where the people of Amigos de Jesus came in. They gave food, water, shelter, a new family, and hope to kids who had to fend for themselves at a young age. Our job was to interact with the kids, as well as help build and organize the new library. After four weeks, our time with the kids came to an end, and we headed home for good, and I knew as we touched land back at the Philly Airport, this was truly a year to remember.
Things to Know About Pearse
June 10, 2016 0

Older brothers Seamus and Eamon’s 10 things you don’t know about our brother Pearse:

  1. He sings in the shower even at 6 AM
  2. He reads before he goes to sleep even if he’s exhausted from playing or studying
  3. He will do a 1000 reps if a teacher or coach says “This will make you better”
  4. “Boxers or tighty whities?” Definitely boxers
  5. If he’s tired, he can sleep standing up
  6. His favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, unless Dad asks him, then it's “How I Met Your Mother”
  7. His and Seamus’s bedroom is half blue and half orange because it bugs our Dad
  8. No one in the world would be hungry if Pearse was king of the world
  9. He’s hilariously funny, but few people know unless he wants them to
  10. He’s the best shotgun rider ever because he lets us listen to whatever we want on the radio or iPhone AUX jack
June 10, 2016 0

Pearse attends the Haverford School in Haverford PA.


12th Grade - 1st Quarter Grades

  • Latin V Honors – A
  • Finance: Theory of Interest – A+
  • Statistics – A+
  • English IV – A
  • European Dictators – A
  • Environmental Ethics – A
  • Glee Club – A+

11th Grade - Final Grades

  • Latin IV Honors – A
  • Calculus – A+
  • English III – A
  • History Honors – A-
  • Biology Honors – A-
  • Theatre III Honors – Spring/Summer Elective
  • Glee Club – A

10th Grade - Final Grades

  • Latin III Honors – A-
  • Pre-Calculus – A
  • English II – A+
  • Modern World History – A+
  • Chemistry Honors – A-
  • Theatre II – A+
  • Glee Club – A+
  • PE/Health A+

9th Grade - Final Grades

  • Latin II Honors – A
  • Algebra II Honors – A-
  • English I – A
  • Ancient World History – A+
  • Physics – A Problem Based Journey – A
  • Theatre I – A+
  • Glee Club – A+

8th Grade

Pearse maintained a 4.0 GPA for the following courses in 8th grade.
  • Art – A
  • Drama – A
  • English – A+
  • Geometry – A
  • History – A+
  • Latin – A+
  • Music – A+
  • Phys Ed – A+
  • Science – A+
Recent recipient of the Haverford School Spirit Award.

Michael J. Cunningham Award

Michael J Cunningham AwardPearse Glavin received the Michael J. Cunningham Award, named in memory of Haverford School Dean of Faculty, longtime teacher, coach, and former Middle School Head who died in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. The award is presented annually to that member of the Middle School who excels in his ability to meet scholastic and athletic challenges and whose bearing combines both self-respect and sensitivity to the feelings and ideas of his fellow students.

Teacher Quotes

Here is what some of Pearse's teachers had to say about his work in the classroom.
"Pearse is always prepared and gives a great effort in class. He improved on all four assessments. Great job Pearse! He is above Presidential award standards on all four tests. That is an awesome accomplishment and I am very proud of Pearse." Chemistry:  "He quietly goes about the business of excellence and maintains his role as consummate leader by example." English:  "I do not know what I did in my past life, but I most have done something right to deserve Pearse as my student.  Despite eclipsing his peers in work ethic, he maintains and eagerness to learn and humility that shows great character." Latin:  "He prepares for class as though mounting an assault on Mt. Everest: leave nothing to chance; do it all.... His positive attitude and prodigious work ethic are to be emulated by one and all." Theater:  "His attitude is always professional and kind and his work in the classroom is consistently strong.  This makes him an excellent collaborator and one that other students want to work with."
Performing Arts
Performing Arts Activities & Awards
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Member of the Centennial Singers since 5th grade – selected for the middle school a cappella group (Celebrantes) for 6th & 7th grades

Member of the Upper School Glee club in 8th grade Selected to be a Haverford School Notable as a Freshman – the most select a cappella group at Haverford

Theatre 2020

Selected to play Billy Bigelow in the upcoming Haverford Upper School production of  "Carousel". Selected to play Anthony in the Haverford Upper School production of "Sweeney Todd".


Selected to play Riff in the Haverford Upper School production of "West Side Story".


Selected to play The Artful Dodger in the Haverford Upper School production of "Oliver". The performances were held March 9th, 10th, and 11th. Performed in middle school productions in 7th & 8th grades As a 7th grader selected to play Beaky (Ugly Ducklings Brother) in Honk Jr. As an 8th grader selected to play Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
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Pearse D. Glavin

Class of 2020 The Haverford School pearglav@haverford.org 302-598-9336 (c) 610-325-3690 (h)

Academic Profile:

Potential Major: History, English, Economics, Pre-Law Cumulative GPA: 4.4 11th Grade Honors Courses: Honors Biology, Honors History, Honors Latin IV, Honors Theatre; Cum Laude Award for Latin; The University of Pennsylvania Book Award 10th Grade Honors Courses: Honors Chemistry, Honors Latin III Inducted into the Latin Honors Society 9th Grade Honors Courses: Honors Algebra II, Honors Latin II, Problem Based Physics Received Michael J. Cunningham Award (Middle School Key Man Award) References: Guidance Counselor: Heather Stinson, hstinson@haverford.org

Athletic Profile:

The Haverford School Varsity Lacrosse Team - 3rd Year Varsity Player Position: Attack, Midfield and Man-Up References: Brendan Dawson, 410-591-2838 (c), bdawson@haverford.org Rising Sons 2020 Position: Attack References: Tad Doyle, 610-802-1030 (c), risingsonslax@yahoo.com Upcoming Lacrosse Events: June 8-9, 2019 - Rising Sons at Baltimore Summer Kick Off June 12, 2019 - Haverford School at Jersey Strong Showcase June 15-16, 2019 - Rising Sons at North American Lacrosse Classic July 8-10, 2019 - Rising Sons at Naptown July 12-14, 2019 - Haverford School at NHSLS in Columbia, MD Extracurricular Activities/Other Interests: Member of Haverford School Notables – select A Cappella GroupCast, President Senior Year Member for Haverford’s production of Sweeney Todd Cast Member for Haverford’s production of West Side Story Cast Member for Haverford’s production of Oliver Tour Guide for Haverford School admissions, Tour Guide Leader Senior Year Peer Counseling, Leader Senior Year Member of Haverford School Signet Society Member of Student Council - Senior Representative Community Service work with Amigos de Jesus – helped with clothing drive, provided support on Donation Day, and organized donations for shipment to Honduras. Other: Traveled a full academic year doing service work and environmental investigation (2014/15)